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The Hermit

The picture is kept fairly dark. The only light can be found in the star and the house. The moon, which does not shine itself, shows the occupation with the subconscious and the concealed which have to be discovered. The star shines itself, but is still too far away. It is the star the Hermit will follow as soon as he leaves the house. It is five-pointed, which forms a connection with the Hierophan’s theme.

The picture’s spirals in the trees, path and window turn in different directions and refer to the inward course. This can be consciously taken, turning to the right, or intuitively, turning to the left. The Hermit finds his light in the safety of the house. The fish (newly discovered emotions) are waiting outside for him. The direction of the path, which again follows outwardly, is not clearly evident. One can suspect strong emotions in the background, portrayed by moving water.



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