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The Chariot

The chariot itself is portrayed by the wheel. It has eight spokes, a symbol for the process of development. The shaft symbolizes the centre and also the number nine, which completes the cycle. Hub and shaft are on fire and stand for sexual energy. Origin, the wheel’s background, and destination, the celestial body’s background, are the same colour, violet, which stands for the spiritual.

The dominating yellow in the picture depicts joy of living. The water at the bottom indicates frankness or naivety, but also emotions to be conquered, such as caution or fear. Black and white reins, held in the right and left hand, show different directions and ambivalences, which have to be brought into harmony to make the journey possible. The next part of the journey, which lies ahead of the coach driver, the material world, represented by green, square fields, opens up within all this.

Libra’s symbol (justice) shows that one has to reckon with consequences for any mistakes. The section at the top leads into the night. The coach driver does not encounter the sun, as to be expected, but instead the moon and stars. He will meet intuition and the unconscious.



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